Future Freshilystic Dope Shit



“I Was, Am and Will Be Forever an Inventor…Freshilysticly Speaking…”




“Lately a lot of people have been asking me whats my take on creating mainstream ‘Pop-Hip-Hop’ vs creating my traditional style… I say all things in moderation!!… Freshilysticly Speaking!!”


“This mixtape is gonna be the greatest collage of my talents including innovative writing/arraigning, confident production, and my patent smoove flow n delivery…Freshilysticly Speaking…”


…“I LIKE CLUB RAP!”… I enjoy listening to all types of music! I like creating all types of music!”… “The stuff that I make for the club is by far some of my favorite music that I create!”

– George Reefah

Washington State University Radio 90.7FM – HipHop aint dead, It’s just underground show. 2/13/11